The Lord has laid it on my heart to start a prayer request and I feel like God has a lot of exciting things to reveal to us in the next several years.  You do not have to leave your name.
Please feel free to add your prayer request
​Over the last few years I've seen many request from abused women, marriage issues, money issues, concerns with knowing the difference between right and wrong.  Please know I read these and keep them close to me, they are lifted up in prayer on a regular basics.  My favorite saying is to cling to the things you know are true (the truth is God is your provider) you must allow him to move in your life, stop making rash decision and wait on the Lord.  However if you are in an abusive situation, God never intended for you to live in that type of environment, you must get yourself out and in a safe situation.  The Lord will be your guide, ask him to come into your life to be your personal Lord and savior and listen for the still small voice.

                                                                                 Please do not forget to hit the submit button

I think the hardest thing to do is to submit your request to the Lord, when the world tells us that he is not real and 
we were created by evolving from a fish or an ape.  But, I can assure you that there is no harm in believing in Jesus Christ.  He gave the perfect sacifice for us.  All he ask of us is to believe.  Sounds simple doesn't it.

Our country needs our prayers right now,  lets unite together and lift up our country and our politicians in charge that God may have his way in our nation.  We are one nation under God and it needs to stay that way.

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